Ex-Capt. R. S. Sindhu

Indus Portfolio Pvt. Ltd., enjoys the backing of Sindhu Group of Companies, which are led by Capt. Rudra Sen Sindhu. He is known to be a highly perceptive individual gifted with successful business skills. He enjoys excellent reputation as a well known community leader in Haryana.

Mr. I. K. Rasgotra

A Former Secretary Government of India who distinguished himself in a variety of assignments both financial and managerial, in India and abroad. He brings perspective and focus to the organization with his vast experience.

Mr. Kulbir Singh

has vast of experience is agricultural economy of Haryana. With profound knowledge of Government Regulations he brings balanced judgment to Financial Market operations. His dedication to the Company’s objectives resulted in the award “Vyaparshree” to INDUS from Delhi Stock Exchange Association in the year 2000.