Mr. Kulbir Singh Surjewala

with his experience in agricultural economy and governmental regulations in the State of Haryana, provides balanced judgment in financial market. His dedication to the company objectives resulted in the award of “Vyaparshree” to Indus Portfolio Pvt. Ltd., from Delhi Stock Exchange Association in the year 2000.

Mr. I. K. Rasgotra

A Former Secretary Government of India who distinguished himself in a variety of assignments both financial and managerial, in India and abroad. He brings perspective and focus to the organization with his vast experience.

Mr. Supreet Surjewala

joined as a Director of the Company’s board in 2018. He is expected to enable the company keep pace with futuristic generational aspirations and the consequent changes affecting the financial markets. He provides inputs for leading the Company in new skills and innovations in the digital and electronic age. Earlier he gained experience in the coal mining sector where he contributed to development of coal mining and import/export strategies in Associate Companies as a Director for 5 years.